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Glacial Lake Missoula 0 "Glacial Lake Missoula," depicting the Mission Range as it might have appeared during the ice age.

Glacial Lake Missoula
Oh, How We Danced 0 "Oh, How We Danced!"  Artist signed offset lithograph. Image size 12.5" x 17" with 5/8"
white border.    $49.00
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Oh, How We Danced
My Father's House 0 "My Father's House"  Artist signed limited edition offset lithograph depicting the artist's conceptual image of Jesus' words in John 14:. Image size 30" x 24" with 1" white border.    $155.00
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Trail's End 0 "Trail's End"  Artist signed limited edition lithograph of the Oregon Coast. Image size
20" x 30" with 1" white border.    $145.00
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DVD Cover
"Rocks and Sea" DVD

Learn to paint rocks with this
58 minute video workshop.
DVD or Download.

DVD Cover
"The Protector" DVD

A colorful 89 minute video workshop, in close-up detail.
DVD or Download.

DVD Cover
"The Wild Sea" DVD

Learn to paint the sea with this 53 minute video workshop .
DVD or Download.

CD Cover
"The Breaking Wave" CD

The basic wave, 30 page e-book workshop for computer.
CD or Download.

Glacial Lake Missoula
"Glacial Lake Missoula"

See it on Nova Megafloods Website. Geologic commission. 

My back yard

A photo gallery of Oregon coast mushrooms 
Pickering family history
Oil painting video workshop to paint seascapes and ocean waves. Byron Pickering art, oil painting instruction builds confidence to master color, motion, and depth in seascape painting