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Oh, How We Danced
"Oh, How We Danced!" Giclee print
20" x 30", limited edition of 100, signed and numbered. $450

"Oh, How We Danced!"

... I was disappointed on that December afternoon. I had made a ten mile drive for just a moment at North Point. The surf was up, I knew, and I could feel the rumbling of the pounding waves, but the image I was seeking was sealed in a blanket of heavy fog. There would be no inspiration to create on this day, only the gray of December in moving mists along the shore.

I had just turned away up the trail, when a glimmer caught my eye. I looked back and gasped in amazement. As if by some heavenly magic, the curtain had lifted for an instant to reveal the sea in majestic swells. Now sound and image joined in rising harmonic crests, catching each glimmer of sunlight, sparkling like a myriad of moving diamonds. In an instant, the dull gray consumed it again, but it left an image in my mind that Nolia would later see as the dance of the waves.