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Even from our inland home the sound of the rising seas and pounding surf stirs the imagination. It's morning and the sun has just cracked the horizon, but the call of the waves has sharply roused me from my lingering dreams. I can't wait! With high expectation, a short drive takes me to the broad vista of North Point. I've stood in this place many times before, but I am ever in awe at the power of the breakers in the bright morning sunlight. Now, for a moment, the surf is quiet and the rise and fall of the swells is slow and almost hypnotic, but looking seaward, far out on the horizon, the waves visibly heighten as if a giant hand is stirring them from some distant storm. The sound of breakers becomes more intense with the approach of the rising seas. Higher they rise until, with explosions of foam reaching unbelievable heights they recede again to swirling backwash and calmer waters. The memories remain.....    58 minutes.

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