pattern More about foam patterns

     The shapes of the patterns used on the breaking wave occur on more complex wave structures as well.  Moving swells, crosscurrents, backwash, water breaking over rocks...all have their own dynamics and beauty.


     The small images demonstrate some of these dynamics.   The shapes of the patterns show the water movement and enhance the depth of the image.   The first shows foam patterns on quiet water.   They appear to follow the gentle swell.   The second image shows deep water off rocky shores.   Because of backwash and obstructions, the water is in constant turmoil.   In the third image the surf has broken against the headlands and is surging back against an incoming wave.   Here the water is compelled by many opposing forces.

     Try to visualize the action of the water as you work.   Use the patterns to show direction and movement of the surf in your painting.

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